Rubicon Adopt A Trail

Hi Guys,
John and Art are talking about doing some work on the AAT this Sunday. If anyone wants to help us please let me know.

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April 2016 club roster posted

The latest Madhatters club roster has been updated with our new members and latest changes.  The roster is available in both PDF and XLS formats.  Please let me know if you have changes for your entry (address, email, phones, rig picture, ham info, rig mods, etc).

Find the updated roster in the Madhatters web site’s Members section.  Sign in using your Madhatter web site credentials.  If you don’t remember your credentials then send Art or Darrel an email and one of us will get you setup.

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Blog update done

Ok, done with the blog upgrade – working on getting email ‘reply to post/comments’ working so folks can just reply to blog posts reliably by email.

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Updating blog software

I’ll be updating the blog software tonite to fix a number of bugs and security issues.

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Rye Patch

Trucks on the trail

Razor rideHunter and Riley Trucks on the trail

Again l want to thank my my big buddy & wife for a great weekend  at Rye Patch. Members ; D.D. & girls, Dale & Jean, Carol & I, past members Keith &Sheri Robb and Dale’s  friends  Jerry &  Lila . 2nd run. Really had a great time. It was a little cold but nice. No boners that I saw. My wife got 48 geocaches on her birthday. As a sidebar when I got home I found out that I received the FOTR award for volunteer of the year  which I share with my wife. Also our friends &  past Madhatters , Jerry & Julie Reffner received the same award with a couple of other well deserving  folks. Just a note folks you will be noticed when you help . I hope you all will be noticed in the future. As with the award the club gave us this year, we may have been the leaders but you guys made it happen, so this is your award and we want to thank everyone of you for your help.

Thank you all,

Craig & Carol Lemon









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Old Madhatters kick ass, or so we thought. We were at the Bronco roundup. I think Shane & I split the Republican vote and lost to the democrats . Honestly we were 40- 50K short on investment . We probably fit in the top 10. We got a lot of attention but no trophys . Larry showed up but brought the wrong rig for the show. Cool to see 200 to 300 Broncos in the same place at the same time. Craig

Craig and Shane

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Thanks to my big buddy, I was able to tell my state assemblyman to keep are public lands open to the public . I also mentioned that the Sierra Club sucks. Not only did he agree about the public lands, he told us about the small percentage that is open. The assemblymen Bigelow took us to lunch and gave us a tour of the Capitol.

State capital

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March 2016 meeting audio and summary

March meeting audio now available for your listening pleasure:

Highlights from the meeting:

  • Member dues for 2016 are almost all paid up – Darrel has a handful of people who need to pay or be subject to late fees
  • Great snow run up to Mormon Emigrant – good weather/snow conditions, everyone had lots of fun – no particular boner nominations from this run – Josh gets to keep the award the rest of the week in Moab
  • Live update from Moab by John, Rene, Mike, Tom, George, Josh…
    •  Weather has been great
    • Trails lots of fun, runs going smoothly
    • Tom had a quality flop on Hummer Hill – he’s ok, and Carmen wasn’t in the Jeep at the time. It’ll buff out – time for those tube fenders Tom!
    • Lots of fun trails to go the rest of the week
  • Upcoming runs:
    • Rye Patch (a few more cabins still available – contact Dale)
    • Ladies Run to Bear Valley Loop – Rene will have an update next meeting
    • Rubicon – first weekend in June assuming we aren’t buried in snow still
  • New Jeep flags arrived
  • Brief discussion of upcoming Adopt-a-Trail work for 2016 – stay tuned for details

IMG_1972 IMG_1984 IMG_1976 IMG_1977 IMG_1979


tom-flop1 tom-flop2tom-flop3

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HAM CRAM radio class and license testing in Livermore on March 26

Amateur Radio Technician License Training Class
The Livermore Amateur Radio Klub (LARK) is giving a one day cram-style class for the HAM radio beginner’s license on March 26.  The class is in Livermore and at the end they give the test.  There is no charge for the class, but there is the usual $15 Cash Only Fee for taking the license test.  Note that Morse Code is not required for ANY level license.  Here is the link for the info and signup page:

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Glad you are okay!

Tom had I known that jeeps could lay on their sides. I would have canceled my vacation to help you stay on all 4’s. But you convinced me only Broncos could do that. You being an engineer I thought you took physics. We are available to come get you if needed. The Jeep recovery vehicle is looking good and ready to roll ( on the tires )
Love always,

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