Hell Hole Camping Information


From TB Rich….


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  1. jones says:

    Who’s going on the Hell Hole run?

  2. datkinson says:

    I plan to come up Friday morning. Can anybody tell me the correct directions from Foresthill? I see the reservoir and Big Meadows Campground, but I get conflicting info from Google, Mapquest, and my AAA map as to the route. Are there signs?
    Thanks, Dennis

  3. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    From TB Rich

    The Campsite location had to be changed due to Big Meadow campground
    being closed for repairs, probably stimulus money! We will be at
    French Meadows reservoir campground. Directions = I-80 east to
    Foresthill Rd turnoff 17 miles into Foresthill. There will be a Valero
    gas station on your right, this is last gas top off! Coming out of the
    gas station go right, the next right turn takes you to French Meadows
    there’s a sign so you can’t miss it! It’s 50 miles or to the lake,
    come across the dam and turn left, follow it around and look for
    Madhatter decals on plates! I don’t have ham-hock radio so you can try
    channel 4 RSVP would be nice rocncj5@ ftcnet.net or 530-367-5460
    Thanks, Rich FIRST BEAR WINS!!!

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