Rye Patch

Trucks on the trail

Razor rideHunter and Riley Trucks on the trail

Again l want to thank my my big buddy & wife for a great weekend  at Rye Patch. Members ; D.D. & girls, Dale & Jean, Carol & I, past members Keith &Sheri Robb and Dale’s  friends  Jerry &  Lila . 2nd run. Really had a great time. It was a little cold but nice. No boners that I saw. My wife got 48 geocaches on her birthday. As a sidebar when I got home I found out that I received the FOTR award for volunteer of the year  which I share with my wife. Also our friends &  past Madhatters , Jerry & Julie Reffner received the same award with a couple of other well deserving  folks. Just a note folks you will be noticed when you help . I hope you all will be noticed in the future. As with the award the club gave us this year, we may have been the leaders but you guys made it happen, so this is your award and we want to thank everyone of you for your help.

Thank you all,

Craig & Carol Lemon









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