Fordyce Adopt-a-Trail sign installation + Fordyce trip

This coming weekend (7/8-7/10) a few of us were heading up to Cisco Grove with plans to run parts of Fordyce/Signal Peak/etc and also set up the next Adopt-A-Trail sign at the trailhead for Fordyce @ the Eagle Lakes entrance. Plan was to do the sign install starting between 8:30-9am Saturday morning and the other days go run the trail. Also there is a rock crawling competition up in Donner Saturday and Sunday in case folks were interested:

I am planning on getting up to Cisco Grove late Thursday afternoon and leaving sometime Sunday. John and Josh were planning on arriving sometime Friday. Mark is trying to get his rig trail ready in the next few days to come play as well. Everyone is welcome to join, particularly if you’d like to help dig post holes for the sign, mix concrete, etc.




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  1. artstine says:

    We are camping @cisco grove in the H section

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