Swamp Lake Run, 7/15-7/17

I heard from Lloyd, who’s down in the Shaver Lake area, yesterday. He said the rangers told him on Friday that the trail was still closed because it’s too wet, but it’s been hot down there. He will call me tomorrow (Monday) if it opens, and Tuesday either way.

I’m in favor of just going ahead and going down. Lloyd said he and his group had spent all day running other fun trails anyway. If agreed, I’ll be going down on Wednesday and will post conditions on Thursday. We should plan to meet on Friday at the Dinkey Creek ranger station, which is at the entrance to the Dinkey Creek campground about 10:30. Take Dinkey Creek Road east out of Shaver Lake. You should get gas in Madera and top off in Shaver Lake. It’s probably a 4 hour drive from Livermore with those stops. There is no cell coverage after you leave Shaver Lake.

Please let me know if you plan to come, so we won’t leave without you.


NEW edit:

I just heard from Lloyd that Swamp Lake is open.  Fire restrictions are already in effect, so no open fires.  Maybe Larry can bring his propane campfire?  There is water and a little campground store at the Dinkey Creek Ranger Station.

So far I’ve heard from Phil, Larry,  and Gary.  And Lloyd and friends are already down there.


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