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Craig 9-27-16carol 9-27-16

Hi Gang,

Don’t worry I’m not asking for help. Carol & I went out yesterday and placed site markers, we also cleaned out 7 buckets of silt so our AAT duties are done this year. That being said my 2016 work crew has only been John, Art, Carol and myself twice. I was just wondering how many of you brag to your friends about having AAT’s @ Rubicon & Fordyce ? How about the club doing the raffle @ Winter Fun, Sierra Trek and Cal 4 Convention? Who’s been a trail boss or an assistant trail boss. Who’s hosted a Christmas party or a picnic? Dale said to me that I’m retired, which is true. that’s why I help the RTF &FOTR. But before I retired I did all of the above serveral times in the last 37 years. I’m just saying we are all in this club together, we need to share the work load. That’s why we keep losing our Presidents, they get too little support. So next time someone asks you to help and you can make the time, HELP!! Don’t just raise your hand in a meeting because you’re embarrassed and then bail out. Everyone knows who helps and who doesn’t . So if you’re getting a little butt hurt reading this you need to change how much you help your fellow club members. Don’t shoot the messenger . If you’re mad at me, oh well I’ll get over it.

See ya on the trail,


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