MET Snow Run Trail Report

On March 25, the Madhatters met up for a 1 day snow run to the Mormon Emigrant Trail led by trail bosses Phill and Darrel.  We had a total of 9 rigs, 12 people, and 1 dog.

Meeting at Manteca Wendys:  George D, Darrel L, Phill and LeeAnn P, Cort Z, and Gary D.
Late arrival who caught up to us:  Ben H
Meeting in Pollack Pines:  Tyler L and guests Marty and Linda M, Jim O’L, and Chris M.

George was the first one to Manteca and waiting for us to arrive.  He was very glad to see us show up.  A few years ago George had shown up for a run not realizing it had been cancelled.  This time he called both Darrel and Phill 3 times in the week prior to ensure the trip was still on.  Yes, George, we’re really doing the snow run!

Ben was a surprise addition.  He called us during the drive using the ham radio to let us know he was about 20 minutes behind us.  He caught up at the gas stop.  Tyler and the guests were all waiting in Pollack Pines.  No snow on the MET until we passed the North-South road, about 5 miles or so up.  Then we found snow, lots of it, and aired down about 10:00 a.m.

We headed up the trail.  Lots of slipping and sliding.  Nice snow, good grip, not icy, slushy in the sunlight.  Around noon, we left the posers behind and started making the first tracks in the new snow.  Stopped for lunch at 12:45.

It took awhile to get going again after lunch.  Gary needed pulling out of the drift he parked in for lunch.  Marty got stuck trying to pull Gary out.  George aired down to 8 PSI and did much better after lunch.  We switched around the order with Phill now in the lead.  The new, deeper snow made progress harder.  Gary and Chris kept getting hung up and needing tugs; they turned around and headed back down.  By 3:00 everyone was ready to turn around except Tyler.  Tyler, in his 4Runner and being “encouraged” by his passenger Jim, went up the road a bit to the Toyota (not of our group) that had passed us earlier, did a couple of donuts around it, went further on up the road, turned around, then came back and joined us.  The others got turned around and all headed back down.  After airing up we met up with Gary and Chris again.

5 people shared dinner together at the Jack Russell Brewery in Placerville with the others going on their way.  George went to visit Craig and Carol.

All in all, a nice trip.  No winches got used, but lots of strapping.  Tyler in his 4Runner never got stuck and did a lot of the pulling of others.

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