March 2017 meeting audio online

March 2017 meeting audio available for download/listening here:


  • Black Tie and Boots report
  • Mormon Emigrant snow run
  • Josh nails it for the Boner Award!
  • Rye Patch trip coming up for April – need to get a headcount ASAP
  • Snow in Sierra is likely going to cause delay/change/cancellation of the Ladies Run and delay the Rubicon run in June (or maybe change how far we can go) – stay tuned
  • AAT sections for Rubicon and Fordyce will depend on snow melt
  • Sierra Trek 50th coming up in August – we’re going to start soliciting for vendor donations soon – many vendors needs more advance notice than in past
  • Sierra Trek committee registration opening up – if you are going to be able to volunteer time for the raffe or other Trek volunteer efforts, the registration is 1/2 off.
  • Write your reps/governor about OHV legislation coming up to gut the OHV program in CA:
  • RTF property on Rubicon will be available this year to everyone
  • Need someone to attend the FOTR meeting on April 8 –
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