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Rye Patch

Again l want to thank my my big buddy & wife for a great weekend  at Rye Patch. Members ; D.D. & girls, Dale & Jean, Carol & I, past members Keith &Sheri Robb and Dale’s  friends  Jerry &  Lila … Continue reading

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Old Madhatters kick ass, or so we thought. We were at the Bronco roundup. I think Shane & I split the Republican vote and lost to the democrats . Honestly we were 40- 50K short on investment . We probably fit in the top 10. We got a lot of attention but no trophys . Larry showed up but brought the wrong rig for the show. Cool to see 200 to 300 Broncos in the same place at the same time. Craig

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Thanks to my big buddy, I was able to tell my state assemblyman to keep are public lands open to the public . I also mentioned that the Sierra Club sucks. Not only did he agree about the public lands, he told us about the small percentage that is open. The assemblymen Bigelow took us to lunch and gave us a tour of the Capitol.

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Glad you are okay!

Tom had I known that jeeps could lay on their sides. I would have canceled my vacation to help you stay on all 4’s. But you convinced me only Broncos could do that. You being an engineer I thought you … Continue reading

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Barrett Lake Trail

Carol & I drove our  Beamer right to the Barrett gate yesterday. Beautiful drive. I walked 50 feet up the trail and found this is probably not a trail for stock rigs. We picked up a map to share. It’s … Continue reading

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Cantina help

Hi Madhatters, This weekend is Cantina on the Con. It is held at the Loon Lake spillway. There is no need to have a 4×4. Carol and I have helped our friends at Foresthill 4×4 the last few years cook … Continue reading

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Drone Search & Rescue

Apparently we needed to expand our search grid. The South County folks found it down by the lake where the water truck fills up. It was in one piece and Don Spuhler is going to bring it to us. Thanks … Continue reading

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Rubicon 2015

Hi Gang, For those of us that went up Thursday we were greeted with thunder & lightning downpours and an inch of hail. We had no problem getting up on time in the morning after listening to Scott’s snoring all … Continue reading

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Lost coast heads up

Hey gang, Carol found out yesterday the road from Garberville to Redway is washed out. You’ll have to go to the first exit north of Garberville which is Redwood Rd. Go south to Redway and turn right Briceland Thorn Rd … Continue reading

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FOTR meeting

Hi gang, The FOTR meeting and dinner on March 21 has been postponed due to the passing of Jeff N. He was on the RTF board and the lead at Cantina. I don’t know what happened. He’s not that old. … Continue reading

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