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Hi gang, It’s time to think about the Rubicon trip. Larry asked me to fill in for Greg as trail boss. So unless Greg heels fast I guess I’m it. Larry said he was going to try to get the … Continue reading

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Upcoming Rubicon Trip

Hello All, hoping to make the rubicon trip coming up. Has there been any talk or plans being made? Are people going to be meeting up for caravanning up together? If people are meeting for the drive up I’d like … Continue reading

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Howdy all – our registration is in! I sent out an email the other night asking for participants … As of now we have 15 vehicles signed up let me know if I can add you to our line-up. Guests … Continue reading

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Hi all, Hope you guys had a great trip! Carol & I went to the Rubicon meeting. In the first half of the meeting an Analyst from El Dorado County explained an attempt to designate the Rubicon a historical place. … Continue reading

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Easter Jeep Safari 2014 Moab, UT

Sunday, April 13th – Flat Iron Mesa in Reverse – Sparky’s Jeep & Red Ale’s Jeep ran this trail. The weather wasn’t very cooperative all day. We had a mixture of rain, sleet, hail, wind, thunder & lightening. The first obstacle … Continue reading

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MTA’s Mud-in-Yer-Eye event April 25-27

If folks are interested in attending this event down in Hollister next weekend, you need to make sure to register. More info available here:

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Have Any Member Experienced OPDA/Camshaft Synchronizer Shaft Problems

Hello All, I was recently searching some of the online Jeep forums for some specific information when I came across this OPDA/Camshaft Synchronizer Shaft issue that some TJ/LJ owners were having with their Oil Pump Drive Assembly. Apparently there is … Continue reading

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Madhatters March 15 snow run is cancelled

The Madhatters snow run on March 15 is cancelled due to no snow.  Cort and I made a pre-run this weekend and found there isn’t enough snow for a run.

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Loon/Wentworth Loop Snow Run

First of all I want to thank all the Madhatters for letting me know they were coming and showing up on time in Georgetown. A few of us met early for breakfast after which we met up with 16 rigs, … Continue reading

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HAM radio class in Livermore March 29

The Livermore Radio Club is giving a class for the HAM radio beginner’s license on March 29.  It’s in Livermore, free, and at the end they give the test, which costs $15 (cash only).  Here is the link for the … Continue reading

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