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Talk about parts you can add to your rig.

Rubicon Express lower control arm recall

See below safety recall from Rubicon Express. They explained that the recall covers any lower control arms for both short and long arm kits (non-JK) ┬ámade/installed between 9/12 and 11/13 – its the welds on the arms themselves, not the … Continue reading

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Have Any Member Experienced OPDA/Camshaft Synchronizer Shaft Problems

Hello All, I was recently searching some of the online Jeep forums for some specific information when I came across this OPDA/Camshaft Synchronizer Shaft issue that some TJ/LJ owners were having with their Oil Pump Drive Assembly. Apparently there is … Continue reading

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Stolen vehicle watch in El Dorado Cty

From the CORVA page: “I’m not sure if any of you in this group live in El Dorado county, or any surrounding counties… But we have had SEVERAL stolen rigs lately from El Dorado County. It sounds like whoever is … Continue reading

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Cleaning out the barn

Hey – Lisa is in the process of emptying the barn of stuff I’ve been hoarding for years. Before someone on Craigslist takes the stuff, anyone interested in a set of Yakima roof racks (locking towers for rain gutter style … Continue reading

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Tech tip – basic Jeep front-end alignment

Here’s a decent how-to article on doing your own front-end alignment check & adjustment. Also, re-centering your steering wheel. How many times have you come off the trail with your steering wheel off center? (for me, almost always)

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Good fix-it article from JP Magazine Looks like they are running a series of fix-it (What Now?) articles that might be handy.  

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Gear lash setting

My front and maybe my rear ring and pinion gears need to be measured and if needed set. I had to remove my front carrier and may need to remove my rear. Does anyone have the means to correctly set … Continue reading

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12.50″ x 35″ Tires

Since my Jeep now sports the 35″ BF Goodrich tires from Sierra Trek, I’m looking for the same size tire for a spare. Anyone having one laying around that wants to get rid of it for a reasonable price should … Continue reading

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Cj d30 parts

I have a lot of d30/cj drive train stuff, hava look copy and past the following link to your browser:

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