1. WILD BILL II – WILD BILL I is Bill Seniff who is no longer active in the club.  Once Bill McDaid joined our club and we were able to see his antic’s after consuming adult beverages around the campfire is was a no brainer that he is now to be referred to as ” Wild Bill II .”
  2. WINO – When Pres. Dave and Vice Pres. Navone first started running the Rubicon Trail ” All the way through,” V.P. Navone would bring 6 or 8 bottles of wine wrapped in bubble wrap with him on the runs. Shawn Hutchings and Pres. Dave started calling him Wino and hence the name has stuck.
  3.  TW or TUMBLEWEED – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard our Honorary Life-time member Hutch come over the CB radio and say… ” This is TW “
  4. INDIANA – Kathy Hutchings started calling Pres Dave Indiana because of the Indiana Jones style hats he wears a lot while on the trail.
  5.  R. LIZARD – Although it is common knowledge within the Madhatters that Scott Caster would much rather be driving a JEEP he does pretty well with his Bronco.  Where does the Lizard come from ?  Well Scott painted his bronco with some type of truck bed sand based protectant that causes skin rash, burns etc upon touching the body of his Bronco.  His Bronco looks like a  big green Lizard crawling over  those big rocks.
  6. AIR TOM – There are lot’s of different story’s regarding Tom Gunther’s nick name of Air Tom.  The truth is that on Tom’s first run on the Rubicon Trail with our club he had quite a few ” FLAT TIRES.” Quite frankly I forget the number of flats.  Tom says it was only two, but I know it was at least 4.  We ran out of spare tires for him and Paul.  We spent so much time calling for air for Tom that he earned his nick name of Air Tom.  It has nothing to do with him driving with both front tires off the ground and up in the air.
  7. GREMLIN – Shane Hutchings uses this name for his e-mail and as his CB handle.  Since Shane is a 4WD Gawd and Master of any trail we will call him anything he likes.
  8. SCOUT – Steve Pizl has led us on many runs into uncharted territory.  Each and every time we usually ended up lost………… hence we call him Scout. Ask Steve about his G.P.S. and a six foot wall of snow.
  9. DD ( Danger Dave) – Specifics regarding Dave’s handle are classified and known only to a very select group of Madhatters.  It all started at the Sierra Trek Bar, a great looking pair of very tight camo shorts and too many Blue Tahoes ……..
  10. SAINT PAUL – Once again Paul earned this name on the Rubicon Trail.  I need to clarify what a Paul Rock is first of all.  Anytime there is a large rock in the middle of the trail it is classified as a Paul Rock.  This is because Paul will drive over it and get stuck on it.  On a Rubicon Trail run many years ago we had finally made it to the observation point at the top of Cadillac Hill.  While enjoying the view we heard an unknown group of wheelers down in the valley talking over the CB radio about all of the “Paul Rocks” ……… At this point and time we realized that Paul was famous world wide so we dubbed him “Saint Paul.”
  11. ONE EYED SUE – Our First Lady Sue Langdon was camped at Sierra Trek with the club near the Meadow Lake Dam.  Dave and Sue had their Grand Kids with them and Sue and the Grand kids ended up with “Pink Eye.”  Sue’s eye was seriously swollen and she looked like something someone has shot at and missed and ” it wasn’t pretty.”  Anyway she had a white patch crudely taped over her eye.  It was dark and Scott and Pres. Dave were walking from the Madhatter camp to the main camp.  Suddenly some stupid teenager came flying down the road on a dirt bike with no head light.  We stopped him and told him he had to have a headlight to run at night.  We were promptly informed that his head light didn’t work.  We gave him our flashlight and told him to drive up to the camp with the red TJ and contact One Eyed Sue who would give him some duct tape so he could tape the flash light to his M/C…………… this kid was a bit confused but drove up to the camp ( which was Full of Madhatters) and ask to speak with ONE EYED Sue……… hence “One Eyed Sue.”
  12. PRINCESS – This title has been be-stowed on Craig Lemon by past Madhatter President Rich Murray……. ask Rich for details. 
  13. LOUIE THE LIP – ( AKA: Neutral Louie ) As everyone knows Louie has a gift of gab………..on one run his wife called him Louie the Lip.  Naturally we figured that if Laurie could call him Louie The Lip that we would also.  ******  While wheeling at Niagra Rim we had just driven down a VERY STEEP section of the trail with loose dirt………( We had a rig roll there about ten years ago )  At the bottom of this section Louie was bragging about how he came down this section with his Jeep in neautral………( He was dead serious)  To make a very long story short everyone was telling Louie he was out of his mind if he indeed wheeled down the trail while in neutral…. To this day Louie stands by his neutral theory of wheeling down steep grades…..
  14. CRASH – Dale Franklin…….. aka: Crash… just ask anyone that wheeled with Dale on the Rubicon Trail in 2006.
  15. BIG GREG – Greg Price is just a big guy.
  16. LITTLE GREG – Greg Robison is just a little guy.
  17. WRONG WAY MURRAY – While being winched out of a big hole on the Rubicon Trail Rich was going no where fast and the rig attempting to winch him out of the hole was rapidly being pulled into the hole with Rich……. The reason ?  Instead of having his Jeep in first or second gear to assist with this extraction Rich was driving at full speed in ” REVERSE.”  

So this is a little history of the Madhatter handles…….. hope I didn’t forget anyone but feel free to keep this list current.

About El Presidante

Past Madhatter President (9 years), Retired Police Officer. A mild stroke in 2011 slowed my wheeling down a bit but I'm still working on getting back in the game. I now am TOTALLY retired. Sue and I are approaching 42 years of marriage and our 2 kids and 7 Grandkids keep me busy. At the top of my priority list is getting all those Grandkids up in the mountains on camping and fishing trips. My bucket list is getting shorter but I've still got a lot of projects in the works.
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  1. El Presidante says:

    Hey Wild Bill II –

    Wrong Way is challenging your testimony that he had his rig in reverse now —

    Go figure ?

  2. DEADEYE says:


  3. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    With or without a snorkel, it is what it is.

    DEADEYE must have been using his BLINDEYE causing him to mistakenly choose reverse.

  4. El Presidante says:

    Is this the blind leading the blind ?

  5. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    No. Just DEADEYE driving with the wrong eye.

  6. El Presidante says:

    Definately time for a Presidential up-date ?

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