Lost Coast Run


I have to work on Friday so will not be driving up Friday morning.   If I don’t get in until late on Friday we will meet at the Shelter Cove Marina at 8:00 AM Saturday morning.  Please contact me if you are planning on going on this run and have not already let me know.   Weather should be good and it should be a fun run.

For those interested in joining us on the Lost Coast Run here is the scoop. The run will be the weekend of May 5. If you want to caravan up with us we will meet at the Starbucks in the Hacienda shopping Center at 8:00 AM on Friday. It is about a 5 hour drive up Rte 101 to get there. We will stop for lunch along the way. We will be staging out of Shelter Cove. Carmen and I are staying at the Inn of Lost Coast 888-570-9676. There is BLM camping at the Wailaki campground.  Check out the link below for more info.   My plan is to come back Sunday via Usal Road if it is not too wet.   This is one of the most remote roads in California and follows the coast in an undeveloped area for about 50 miles.  There is dining and a small crocery store in Shelter Cove for supplies.   The wheeling for the most part will be easy with only mud in some areas to deal with.   All rigs are welcome.    I will not be at the next meeting so please contact me to let me know that you are going so that we do not leave anyone behind.     You are also welcome to meet us at Shelter Cove if you cannot leave Friday morning.   My contact info is 510-414-5323 or tgunther@comcast.net.   I am looking forward to a good trip.



Flenner Creek below the trail with Pacific Ocean.

Fleener Creek trailhead parking area.

A word of warning – come prepared as strange things tend to happen in this area and make sure to carry plenty of ratchet straps.


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3 Responses to Lost Coast Run

  1. dlaursen says:

    I will coming up after work on Friday and will stay at Mario’s Marina Motel in Shelter Cove. We can meet up on Saturday morning.

  2. Air Tom says:

    Sounds good Darrel. Thanks for the update.

  3. Michael Cline says:

    Going to go to my parents on Thursday night, which is sort of on the way. Will catch up with everyone Friday in Shelter Cove. Will be bringing my dad with me. Had thought about my dad bringing the (used) toy hauler he just bought for it’s maiden voyage, but in the end we also have decided to ‘motel camp’.

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