Death Valley/Panamint Valley trip in November

Given the distance and duration of this trip, I’ll start posting some plans for this trip. It will be over the week of Thanksgiving. Currently, planning to head down either late Friday (11/15) or early Saturday (11/16) and set up camp at Panamint Springs Resort. They have motel rooms, only RV/full hookup RV sites, plus a large group site, as well as a full restaurant (and bar – this is key). The food is kinda pricey (but generally good w/ large servings), and the beer is decently priced for the 22-32oz mug ­čÖé┬áThere is usually gas available here, tho note that it tends to be $1.50-2.00 higher than in civilization, but its really the only gas around for 50+ miles (one way distance to Lone Pine). My advice is bring several jerry cans if possible. Or just plan on $5-6/gal for regular.

They do a big Thanksgiving dinner, gratis, for anyone in camp for Thanksgiving Day, so the campground tends to fill up, particularly the full-hookup RV sites. Plan ahead – make site reservations for whatever period of time you think you might be there – they don’t charge in advance and have a 48 hr cancellation policy. And they have WiFi, so if you have the ability to work remotely, it makes for a great office away from the office :-). No cell coverage to speak of tho.

A number of folks are scoping out a side trip either at the beginning of the trip or end to Front Sight firearms training over in Pahrump. Depending on who is coming down when, I may or may not plan to head over to Front Sight ( If anyone who isn’t a member is interested in taking a course, I have a bunch of class certificates.

I’ll start compiling a list of trails I’m considering, but there are numerous places to explore around the Death Valley/Panamint Valley region. Trail conditions can be pretty variable due to washouts and the occasional landslide, but other than Isham Canyon that has some tight spots with some damage likely, pretty much everything else is generally passable with most mildly modified rigs. Many of the trails are routes to old mining operations/town sites, so lots of neat stuff to see.

If you are planning on coming or thinking about it, give me a heads up as to which days, etc.

More to come…



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3 Responses to Death Valley/Panamint Valley trip in November

  1. Michael Cline says:

    My reservations are confirmed for Saturday 11/17 arrival through to Friday 11/23 departure.

  2. artstine says:

    I just submitted my reservation request for 11/17-25 – will fine tune that as we get closer to that time as to any side trips to Front Sight, etc, tho I expect I’d just leave the RV in Panamint and drive the Jeep or carpool with someone else heading there.

  3. Air Tom says:

    Carmen & I are confirmed Nov 20 -24. Not sure if we will make Front Sight or not. Will decide as date gets closer. Looking forward to a great time.

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