They want to take our OHV funds! Please call….


There is a proposal that will be voted on today in Sacramento that will “SAVE STATE PARKS”. That sounds great doesn’t it? Well yes, EXCEPT the proposal TAKES $21million out of our OHV “Trust Fund” and gives it to State Parks.
If this is successful then the effect will be that all the State OHV funding for areas like CC Camp, Cow Mountain, Stonyford, Georgetown, Foresthill, Shasta-Chappie, Metcalf, pretty much all BLM and Forest Service OHV areas will be eliminated.
There are 3 Senators who have to vote today on this proposal for it to move forward to the next level. We need 2 NO votes to stop the theft of our OHV $$.
The good news is that we have 1 NO vote.
We need to tell the other 2 Senators to vote NO and keep their hands off of our OHV Trust Fund.
Call Senator Joe Simitian’s office at 916-651-4011
Call Senator Alan Lowenthal’s office at 916-651-4027
Be polite. The people that answer these phone calls are office staff and are not the decision makers. They will pass the message on.
The general message is “OHV Trust Fund money is for OHV recreation, it is not for State Parks to use. Vote NO on the SAVE STATE PARKS proposal.”
Ask that they pass your message on to the Senator before the hearing today.

If you have a couple of more minutes and live in the general Santa Rosa area, Senator Noreen Evans is probably your representative. Call her office at 916-651-4002 and tell her staff the same thing. She is also a supporter of this plan.
You can watch the hearing today at 2:30 at this link. mms://
Thank you for any effort you can put on this.
Visit our Action Center for more here:

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3 Responses to They want to take our OHV funds! Please call….

  1. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    It’s unfortunate that the email was sent out on the heels of the meeting. Not all of us get our emails instantly. I called after 4PM and can only hope it has an impact.

    Pres Bill

  2. artstine says:

    It looks like they postponed a committee vote until next week, when MoonBeam is supposed to present another budget proposal:

    If you haven’t called, there is still time. And it does sound like there are significant legal questions about raiding the OHV fund as well as the other one. Yet more weird games CA plays to try to avoid tackling the real issue of the budget draining public employees union pensions, etc.

  3. BenBuilt says:

    I called today and yes they are still taking votes from constituents.

    Could someone post how these senators finally vote? Would help some of us keep track of who to vote for this year… Thanks!

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