From Cal4 – Proposal to take $21 million from OHV fund vote May 23


Call or send an email now before the Budget Committee hearing on May 23, 2012.
The California Legislature Budget Committee led by Senator Simitian is preparing to raid the State’s Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund to bail out the financially strapped California State Parks. The figures cited by Senator Simitian are incorrect.
When the Simitian plan was devised, no one from State Parks was consulted.  No one from the OHV Division was consulted. The group Senator Simitian cited in his presentation was the California State Parks Foundation.
Senator Simitian says there is $142 million in the OHV Trust Fund. He is only taking $21 million; so that leaves $121 million within OHV; $42 million in trust, $54 million in operational funds, $21 million in grants and $25 million in capital outlay. We know that isn’t true.
The truth is, the $21 million comes from a $75 million dollar program that is well managed and accountable. The consequence of losing that money is a loss of recreation in grant areas and, in a short time, a disintegration of the SVRA system because we will not have enough money to handle the growing need.
Simitian says that you can take $21 million local assistance grant money and not impact the opportunities made available right now in OHV. He says there will be no closing of parks, there will be no loss of recreational opportunities.
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