Rubicon trip

I haven’t heard if the Rubicon trip is on. In the rubicon meeting they said that wentworth springs rd.will be closed between Airport Flats and Wentworth with no bypass . Airport Flats and Gate keeper will be open. There be some work going on in the trail but it is open. The Toyota’s are going to be in the Springs the weekend after us if I heard correctly.

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  1. artstine says:

    I was figuring that we’ll end up going in thru Loon. Given all the closures in the El Dorado forest this year, expect lots more traffic on the Rubicon this year and more broken junk trying to get thru. I think we’ll have to make the call on going all the way to Tahoe closer to our trip – its still got snow and its wet. Last year on the Jeep Jamboree in August, there was still snow

  2. Squarelight says:

    Art- what’s your email address? There’s a guy on the forums that is coming from MD, to wheel in Moab, and Colorado, and wants to fit the rubicon in on his trip out here, the same weekend we plan on going. I’ll put you in contact with each other bc some people might be up there sooner than others and I don’t know the area.

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