Rubicon trip plans

Looks like conditions should be good for our Rubicon trip 6/15-6/17. A number of folks are going to camp out Thurs nite (6/14) at the Airport Flats campground. You can find directions/info on the campground here: flat – I won’t be able to be up there Thurs as I have a Alameda County Search and Rescue training meeting that nite. I will plan to meet anyone who isn’t camping the nite before at the Wendy’s off Rt 99 and 120 at 7am Friday morning and head up to meet folks at the campground. I was planning to run the trail from the Loon Lake entrance and go thru the Granite Bowl unless folks have a strong desire to go thru Wentworth Springs. Right now, conditions look good for going thru to the Tahoe side. I’ll keep an eye on any changes in the next couple weeks that would change that, but for now, plan on going thru.

If you haven’t run the trail before, a few things of note:

Clothes: Plan for variable weather (hot or rain/snow).

Food: Pack in bear resilient food containers. Its bear country and they know the trail is a buffet. It sucks to lose your food day 1 of a 3 day trip.

Spare parts: Bring ’em. Things break/get bent up. Also beer for folks to help you make repairs is very helpful 🙂

Other: Bring spill kit(s), wag-bags, medkits. Gas – probably don’t need extra gas unless you flop, tho might be good if a couple folks had extra gas just in case.

Comm: CB channel 4, Ham radio 147.555 simplex (we may change from CB 4 to something less noisy once we get started).

Any questions, lemme know –

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  1. Michael Cline says:

    Put me down for meeting up with you Friday morning (7am) at Wendy’s.

    Thank you for trail bossing.

  2. im4mudn says:

    Carol & I will see you @ Airport Flats before 9am on Friday. I don’t think Wentworth is an option, the road will be closed. I have a meeting on the 14th and I will know for sure. Craig

  3. artstine says:

    Thats ok – I’ve never actually done the Wentworth route – only gone in/out @Loon several times

  4. Matt_I says:

    I think I’ll also be wanting to meet at Wendy’s. Not so familiar with the area up there. I’ll investigate online a bit. Maybe we can caravan up?

  5. Squarelight says:


    I’ll meet you guys at the Wendys spot as well on friday morning. I was told though that you were wanting to leave early from Airport flats friday morning and that’s why people were going up thursday night. But I guess I misunderstood. See you there!

  6. artstine says:

    If I didn’t have class Thurs nite I’d be up there to camp at Airport Flats too. We’ll have plenty of time even w/o starting at the crack of dawn. The only downside is likely more traffic ahead of us. Maybe most of the folks ahead would be going all the way to the springs the first day.


  7. ratherbcrawln says:

    What time are you planning on meeting and leaving Airport Flat on Friday morning?

  8. artstine says:

    If the rest of us can collect fairly promptly at Wendy’s by 7, we should be up to Airport Flats sometime after 10:30am, per the estimates from Google Maps. Given that, it might make more sense for us to meet at Wendy’s a bit earlier, like 6 or 6:30. I’ll check with folks to see if they can meet earlier. I’m going to need some serious coffee on Friday 🙂


  9. datkinson says:

    Maybe we should meet at Loon Lake, at the spillway. That might save close to an hour.

  10. Michael Cline says:

    Are camp fires allowed? I have a little bit of wood I can bring.

    Meeting at Wendy’s earlier than 7 is fine for me.

  11. artstine says:

    I should be able to shoot for 6:30 to meet in Manteca. We’ll have plenty of time on the trail Friday to make it to Buck Island – I was pondering perhaps splitting the group at Old Sluice and having some folks go over the slabs and others do Old Sluice with more capable rigs, but we’ll see – it might not work out. Camp fire may be possible, check the El Dorado forest web site for a permit/any restrictions. There is usually no wood available along the trail to use.


  12. artstine says:

    Dennis – do you mean have the group coming up from Manteca go up Ice House Rd off Rt50 instead of cutting thru Georgetown? Where is the last gas along that route?

  13. datkinson says:

    Yes – that is the way I usually go. The last reliable gas is in Pollack Pines, on the north side at the Sly Park exit. It’s often cheaper there than in Placerville. There’s also a Safeway there for those things you remember that you forgot.

    I just figure we folks who will be camping might as well pack up and meet the Manteca bunch up at the lake, rather than waiting at Airport Flat.

    And I’ll be bringing my chain saw.

  14. artstine says:

    That’s fine – we can go that route (I’ve never gone that way so it will be new for me) – Loon is about the same distance from Georgetown as it is from Pollock Pines (~40 miles) but Safeway is probably a better place to grab last minute stuff than the small market in Georgetown. And we’ll just meet everyone else at the kiosk @Loon.

  15. DoubleD says:

    For all that have the time I will be heading up to Airport Flats Wednesday afternoon. I am planing on fishing Thursday. It should only be around 2:30 hours from Wendy’s. I always top off the gas at Ice House but it is expensive. You can never have to much gas. The sooner we can get going the better. It will most likely take about 4 to 6 hours to make Buck Island with stoping at Little Sluice for lunch. If every thing goes well! Camping is limited Buck Island. Think we should meet at Loon! I will be there by 9 am. Keep it mind that with a large group a short stop will take a 30 min. To get going again.

    I look forward to seeing everyone we should have great weather.


  16. ratherbcrawln says:

    are we going to meet at the spillway or the kiosk at Loon on Friday at 9am on Friday

  17. datkinson says:

    I thought Art was referring to the kiosk at the spillway.

  18. artstine says:

    I was referring to the kiosk at Loon (start of the trail) – figure 10am unless google maps is really wrong in the time estimate from Wendys -> Loon (3+ hrs)

  19. datkinson says:

    So that’s at the dam/spillway.

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