Livermore Rodeo Parade – June 9th

Entry Number is 59.

Line up location is 4th and K.

Estimated start for our group is 10:30AM.  I would suggest being there a good hour early.

Pres Bill



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6 Responses to Livermore Rodeo Parade – June 9th

  1. artstine says:

    I’m a ‘maybe’ for the parade. Will depend on when my Jeep goes into the shop to prep a few things for the Rubicon trip.


  2. Squarelight says:

    Have to miss it this time, its the girlfriends birthday…I told her I’d get her a tiara and strap balloons all over the jeep and she could ride on top…thats not embarrassing right? Hahaha

  3. Cat_Dr says:

    I have the club banner and will bring it on Saturday. Is there anyone available to carry it? See you Saturday.

  4. datkinson says:

    Hopefully, there will be some youngsters who will walk with it. Bill, David?

  5. artstine says:

    I’m out – my Jeep is in the shop thru mid-next week, getting new armor installed.


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