Kids On The Rocks


I arrived with my son mid day on Friday and set up camp in Eagle Meadow. DD and his crew joined me later that evening with his trail ready camping rig and hopes of catching some trout in the nearby creek. The weather was as good as it could be with day temps about 75 and night above 50. With a few adult beverages in hand, we enjoyed Friday night with a hearty dinner and a roaring fire.

Saturday morning my son and I headed to the Kids on the Rocks base camp to register for the event. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by fellow Madhatters, Ed, Cort and Mike C.

Support for the event was excellent with an ample number of drivers. About 10:30 we set off on the trail with our excited participants.

The trail was beautiful with awe inspiring scenery. We all had a very enjoyable time with our guest passengers as did they riding on the trail. After the run we had a great hamburger and hotdog feast for lunch. With everyone’s appetites satisfied, lunch was followed by a visit from Smokey the Bear.

When I returned to my camp after the run, DD informed me that while the water was very low, he had successfully landed four fish.

The Madhatter kids enjoyed playing in the creek and visiting the horses in a nearby camp. Feeding the horses melon rinds and corn cobs, they quickly became good friends. After dinner the kids finished the day playing flashlight tag around the campground while the adults kept the fire fueled.

Sincere thanks and congratulations to Mud Sweat and Gears for putting on a successful event.

Thanks again to Ed, Cort and Mike for making the trip to the event and representing the Madhatters.

Pres Bill



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2 Responses to Kids On The Rocks

  1. Matt_I says:

    Whats planned for the next outing?

  2. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    Kids On Rocks is an annual event. Hopefully, it will be back at Niagara next June.

    We just had a club run in desert. August is Trek.

    Pres Bill

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