No strap on me!

Very nice picture of America’s most capable 4×4 and the rebar pile.This depiction is accurate although the Bronco was never stuck, even being in a mud hole above the rockers. As a matter of fact,no tug strap or winch touched the Bronco, nor did any parts fail! Unlike some of my fellow wheelers (Dustin, Art, etc.) remember what karma might do to your next run ,for passing out undeserved BONERS.I vote for Lucky Charm. Karma will get Greg. Thanks for thinking of me at every meeting. Love you guys Craig.

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4 Responses to No strap on me!

  1. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    WoW! Had I known and had your proxy vote for Dustin, he would have had the boner.
    Next time!

  2. R_LIZRD says:

    Hey Craig, Retirement is doing you good. Very nicely put and you never mentioned that you’d like to put some of that rebar up somebody’s a**. Just a note, the Lizrd is back in service. I would like to thank you for holding down the fort while its been away. See you on the 60th Jeeper’s Jamboree!!!

  3. artstine says:

    Since I was out front, I couldn’t attest to too much of what was /was not happening behind me. I do know that Craig did a great job of spotting for folks (including me a few times) and that other than needing a few rocks stacked for him, he ran clean. I guess this is a lesson for everyone – make sure to attend the meeting after any run you go on else you could take the boner in absentia 🙂

  4. Matt_I says:

    Somehow I’ve avoided any mention of getting stuck on both diffs….and needing a winching. Thanks for steppin up to the boner Craig.

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