The Prez is trying to avoid the Bone

Lassen/Applegate run was a lot of fun thanks to T.B. Dale and Jean. The weekend took a nasty turn when we all sat down for pizza Saturday night. It became clear me that Prez Bill,in an effort to to avoid the Bone for getting stuck in the mud a day earlier in what one might say was a heavy drizzle. He started to tell a tail about a Razor flipping . Well we all know how the Prez tends to stretch the truth to enhance his stories. The truth is D.D. & I were so far ahead of Dizzy Dale & Prez Bill that we pulled over in the shade for a nap. This is truly a tortoise & hare story. I can’t believe my friends Dizzy & Prez would throw me under the bus like this so the Prez doesn’t get the Bone. Especially after I already got the bone 2 out of the last 3 runs for not being at the meetings. I know you guys can see through the Prez’s story and join me in voting Prez Bill the bone. I will submit a pic of said Razor for evidence .
Honest Craig

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2 Responses to The Prez is trying to avoid the Bone

  1. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    No strap, winch, cable or other attachment was ever on the shuttle RAM 2500 on this trip. It managed to get out all on its own.

    All I will say at this juncture is that your nomination for the boner could have been an afterthought until your passenger and navigator explained the attempted cover-up. Luckily, TB Dale was with me and witness to the episode in its entirety.
    The truth will set you free…..

    Pres. Bill

  2. artstine says:

    Did anyone else get stuck or have any breakage during this trip? If not, it would seem like Prez might have a boner in his future.

    Uh… that didn’t sound right, did it? 😛


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