Jeepers jamboree 2012

Madhatters were well represented with Kurt&Terry, Scott&Jill and Rich&Craig. We had a great time with very few problems. The Bad Rocr is loaded and ready to go to Trek tomorrow. I just wanted to say a little something about a young lady I met last weekend. She is a beautiful 21 year old girl who gave me a hug because I was a friend of her friend. The next day she rolled off Cadillac Hill, burning 75 percent of her body,she broke her ribs and her pelvis and also took half of her left leg. We know times are tough but if you can help and donate to Rachel Anne Gray,, acct number 263017782 at El Dorado Savings Bank.
Thanks, see you at trek


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  1. Matt_I says:

    My spirit has had just about all it can handle of all the horrific tragedy lately. First I get attacked and stabbed in Oakland, now this horrific news of young Rachel Gray and the awful injuries she’s suffered. We should all count our blessings while remembering to be safe out there in the world.

    My prayers go to Rachel and her family.

  2. artstine says:

    For more links/info and donations, look at

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