Ham Radio Class & Test

Another RTF sponsored HAM class!

OK, OHV folks, another RTF sponsored ham class! This class is designed to take you from zero to HAM radio operator in no time at all. It will be held in the Sacramento Valley area, in El Dorado Hills.

The dates are:

Class: March 12th, 9:00AM until 5:00PM, with a 1 hour lunch break – in this session, Barb will give you everything you need to know to pass the test…help you through the hard stuff, show you how to study the easy stuff, and where to look for info between classes. You should expect to be in class all day and you’ll learn a ton of stuff! She’ll also give you info on how to study for the test the easy way.

Test: March 26th, 9:00AM until about 2:00PM – in this session, an examiner team will meet you when you arrive. They’ll administer the test, and after you have passed, John will teach you stuff about using your radio in the practical world and give you a bunch of info about getting emergency help, setting up your radio, and using it in the Rubicon as well as general info for other areas. You’ll leave the session with all the tools you need to get started, including a radio, if you want one.

Radios: Once again we will offer a “group buy” price on the Yaesu FT-60 portable radio and/or Yaesu FT-8800 mobile radio. We don’t make any money on this, we’re just trying to get radios into the hands of OHV users. After you sign up, more info will be made available on that. These are the same radios we have offered in the past, and have proven to be durable, practical, easy to program and understand, and work very well.

Cost: The cost for the class is the $15.00 charge for your FCC license…that’s it! I will get prices for the radios as the date gets closer and will put that out via email to those that have signed up.

Book: The book you need is the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, 2nd edition. It MUST be the most current book (July 1 2010). I believe they are cheapest at Amazon.com. and fastest from Ham Radio Outlet. You MUST have the new (July 1, 2010) version of the book as you won’t be able to follow the class without it AND the questions on the test are different!

When you are ready to sign up, email John.Arenz@RubiconTrailFoundation.org with your name, physical address, and phone number, and we’ll put you on the list!


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3 Responses to Ham Radio Class & Test

  1. artstine says:

    Curious – how much are the FT-60 or FT-8800 with the group buy? I outfitted my Jeep last year with a FT-7900 since it was available for around $150 less at the time, had the same power output on 2m and a bit more on 70cm than the 8800 and backlit buttons which were handy for nite operation. The 8800 allows cross-band repeater capability and dual-band RX operation, but in a mobile rig those didn’t seem as critical. Either rig would be a great addition for folks. At some point I should take the General exam…

  2. Scout says:


    If you have an emergancy on the trail, but are in a low spot or canyon, and cannot get out on the radio. You can leave a handheld radio with the group, drive the jeep with the radio that has repeater ability to a point were it can get out a call. Then if EMS needs to talk directly to the person with the victim, they can. It is an added safety feture that is nice to have. I am of the opinion that any added safety on the trail is worth the additional cost. Think about how mutch money we put into our rigs. The adittional $140.00 cost of the radio is nothing compaired to that.

  3. artstine says:

    Steve – good point – hadn’t considered that particular case.

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