Aluminum Fairlead

Just a general question… several years ago I thought I remember that there were aluminum fairleads made with the Madhatter’s logo.¬† I was thinking about changing to synthetic lines, and was wondering if there were any available for purchase?¬† Along the same lines, my 9.5 winch came with 5/16th cable – should I look at 5/16 synthetic¬† or go up to 3/8th?




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  1. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    The fairlead was a custom made raffle prize.

    I have 5/16. I think Tom may have used 3/8. You may want to ask Tom as I know his spool is fuller than mine but I can’t recall if it is because the extra thickness or added length.

  2. El Presidante says:


    We had a member named TJ who made about 6 custom fairleads and gave them to members. They were engraved MADHATTERS. I have no clue how to get hold of him currently. You might want to ask at the meeting if anyone still is in contact with him as I know he’d make you one ( For a nominal cost )

    Also, Ed is a machinist so you might want to talk with him about it. I still have the one TJ made and if you need I can loan it to you as an exemplar.
    Good luck


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