Jeep Jamboree 2012

I went up last weekend for the 34th Jeep Jamboree with a bunch of folks from the south bay. We went in mid-day on Tuesday after registering and had a leisurely ride in as far as Spider Lake. Stayed overnite at Spider as guests of one of the property owners. Thousand Dollar Hill is now closed off – large boulders and signs posting the closure. I guess we got to run down it for probably the last time. Got into the Springs about noon on Friday and spent the next 2 days swimming and relaxing. The Jamboree was pretty subdued. Kinda low turnout (probably because the 60th Jeepers was so popular) and lots of discussion of Rachel’s accident on Cadillac. Headed out Sunday back to Loon – more challenging going back. Put out an unattended campfire at Little Sluice that was flaring up pretty hot with the wind.

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