RV access to Meadow Lake campground?

Hey – for those who were at Sierra Trek last week – what’s your opinion on getting a full sized Class A RV back into Meadow Lake? My wife wants to go up to the Sierra next weekend and was thinking about Meadow Lake as a place to make base camp, assuming we can get the RV in there…


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  1. El Presidante says:


    I’ve seen many full size RV’s at Meadow Lake… it’s a slow drive ( especially going up Motorhome hill ) but if you know what you are doing you should be fine.

  2. El Presidante says:

    If you plan on towing your Jeep it’ll mean disconnecting it at the bottom and driving it up separately………. ( If anyone tells you differently , don’t believe them )

  3. R_LIZRD says:

    Art, the current Camp Host has at least a 38′ Class A motorhome at Meadow Lake. It looks like it has about 6 slide outs. There were quite a few extremely large and expensive motorhomes at Meadow Lake this year. Go slow and expect the 10 miles into Meadow Lake from the paved road to take about an hour or so with the last 3 miles being the roughest and slowest. Have fun !!!!

  4. artstine says:

    Ya, I was wondering about pulling the Jeep thru there behind the RV. I usually tow the Jeep on a trailer with the RV and it works fine on regular roads, but I’m not going to chance it out there. I’ll either pull the Jeep/trailer in separately, or we’ll look to camp somewhere a bit less chancy with the RV.

  5. El Presidante says:

    So ?????????????? The suspense is killing me Art. Did you go to Meadow Lake

  6. artstine says:

    Hey Dave – nah, we bailed on the Meadow Lake idea since I’d have needed to untrailer the Jeep and tow the trailer in separate from the RV. I think I’ll go drive the road with my truck or Jeep sometime first.

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