August Meeting Agenda


1. Introduction of Guests

2. Treasurers report

3. Sierra Trek Report

4. Boner Nomination

5. Picnic Discussion

6. Hell Hole – Change date to one week early or later…

7. Old Business

8. New Business

*** Important ***

We need a volunteer to be chef for the picnic dinner.

We need a volunteer to coordinate the side dishes.

We need volunteers to help with logistics – i.e. getting the meat, getting meat to picnic, folding picnic tables.  Any folks that can go up early to help grab campsites.

Our treasurer can NOT attend the picnic.  He usually brings the big propane stove to boil the crawdads.  We need to try to fill this void as well.


See you at the meeting…

Pres. Bill


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3 Responses to August Meeting Agenda

  1. Michael Cline says:

    I will offer be the BBQ guy for the picnic, if the club so chooses to accept.
    Haven’t decided between tri-tip or brisket (leaning toward brisket).

  2. ratherbcrawln says:

    I should be coming up early friday towing my jeep I will have room to hall tables ice chest ect.I also have a big single burner stove an pot if needed just let me know. John

  3. Lowoutput says:

    I will be coming up Friday night, 3 will be attending.
    I’m assuming their will be a raffle and will bring something up.

    Ed Rodrigues

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