Club Picnic


We need folks to respond if they are attending the picnic so we can plan on enough meat.

Also, if you are attending, don’t forget a side dish for 8 to 12. If you post you ( and the number in your party ) are attending also state what you plan to bring so others can plan on bringing other side dishes..

Keep an eye out on traffic conditions and plan accordingly.

See you there….





An important detail that was neglected to be mentioned at the last meeting was the raffle at the annual club picnic.  Veteran members will be well aware of this but new members would be caught off gaurd.  Attendees are requested to bring a jeep/camping related item to be donated as a raffle item.  The funds generated are used to offset some of the costs associated with the picnic and add a bit of excitement.  We also do a raffle at the Christmas dinner for the same purposes.  The position of picnic raffle chair has been delegated to Air Tom.


Fire Restrictions..  –



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9 Responses to Club Picnic

  1. Michael Cline says:

    Myself, and waiting to hear if my dad will join me.

    I will be bringing the heat, and along with that, the meat – brisket that is. First time to attempt to cook for large crowd, so you may enjoy competition quality brisket, or my epic failure.

  2. Lowoutput says:

    I will coming up Friday night, 3 will be attending.
    I’m assuming thier will be a raffle and will bring something.

    Ed Rodrigues

  3. Squarelight says:

    I won’t be making the trip unfortunately. My family has the weekend planned for my birthday. Happy Jeeping

  4. Sheri says:

    Greg and I will be there. Heading up Friday morning. We’ll bring a casserole, brownies and a raffle prize. See you there!


  5. ratherbcrawln says:

    The wife an I an 1 guest will be there sometime on thurs an Rene is planing on spaghetti an meat balls.

  6. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    Erin and I will be there.

    Yes, don’t forget the raffle prizes…..

  7. Matt_I says:

    Myself and my girlfriend are panning on coming…((hopefully)). Possible Wednesday.. maybe Thursday. Haven’t decided on a dish. Maybe chili…or a dessert. Raffle prize, hmmmmm??

  8. artstine says:

    I won’t be able to make it this weekend – too much stuff going on with work after being gone the past couple weekends. I have a raffle prize I can pass along to someone going this week.


  9. im4mudn says:

    Craig, Carol and Stephanie will be up there sometime during the day on Friday. Looks to be a beautiful weekend. Bringing spinach dip.

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