group-picture.jpgLed Led by Trail Boss Dennis, 26 Madhatter rigs and 64 Madhatters met at Deer Creek and set up Madhatter City on Saturday, July 12, 2008.  Past Madhatter President Dave Jones bbq’d Rib Eye Steaks and the side dishes prepared by the membership were beyond description.

The ice chests containing our adult beverages emptied out rapidly so we adapted, over-came and improvised by switching over to the Daquri Whacker, etc, etc….

Apparently the word got out ahead of time to the local mosquito community as all of them were awaiting our arrival.  They had a good feast also !

Kathy Hutchings brought games for our Madhatter Kids to participate in and Sue Langdon took the kids on a nature hike.

Sue and Marie Murray headed up the sales of tickets for our Memorial raffle honoring Hutch Hutchings.  Air Tom ran the actual raffle which was the most successful raffle ever held for our club…. The  total was $1,605.00 and I received another $250.00 donation for the fund after the raffle.

All of these funds will be used to memorialize and honor our fallen friend Hutch.

After the raffle the Madhatters gave Princess Craig a 50th birthday roast….. Craig took it like a man and wore his Pink Princess Birthday hat.

We then proceeded to the Madhatter open air amphetheater where we watched slide shows of days past. 

 A very special thank you goes out to Wild Bill II ( Bubbles) Air Tom and Steve Pizl & David Ainsworth who worked as Ushers for the showing.

The slide shows were classic’s !!!!

Another very special thanks goes out to Vice President Navone, Steve Pizl, Kevin Newell, Shane Hutchings, Dave Jones and ( can I thank myself?) for hauling all of the equipment, supplies, food, booze, ice, tables, etc, etc into Deer Creek.

On Sunday morning Madhatter City was taken down almost as fast as it was built and 26 Madhatters wheeled out to lower Blue Lake. 

I can GUARANTEE the trail and camp were cleaner when we left then when we arrived !  Feel free to watch the photo show of our members………


About El Presidante

Past Madhatter President (9 years), Retired Police Officer. A mild stroke in 2011 slowed my wheeling down a bit but I'm still working on getting back in the game. I now am TOTALLY retired. Sue and I are approaching 42 years of marriage and our 2 kids and 7 Grandkids keep me busy. At the top of my priority list is getting all those Grandkids up in the mountains on camping and fishing trips. My bucket list is getting shorter but I've still got a lot of projects in the works.
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  1. amytincan says:

    Hey Madhatters: Looks like you had a great time on deer valley. I think the blog is great. I am excited to be coming back, I hope ya’lls remember me.

    PS. I gave up wine

    Amy B. (previous madhatter, and future madhatter)

  2. El Presidante says:


    Who is this ?? We don’t accept members unless they drink wine.

  3. amytincan says:

    you know who I am Dave, silly! I have a dash plaque saying “first female madhatter to drive rubicon start to finish” blah blah blah

    Coming back to you a new and improved model.

    -Amy B. (Don’s wife)

  4. El Presidante says:

    Amy B. ( Don’s wife ) how come we haven’t seen either of you two at a meeting ??????????????????????????????? Or more importantly on a run ?

  5. El Presidante says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm now. July’s run and picnic has an ok write up in the Blog…. even has some pictures. I do believe the Madhatters ran Swamp Lake ( an EXTREME TRAIL ) in August…..

    Who was the TB for Swamp ?? Hmmmmmmm don’t remember . I do remember a lot of good pictures and numerous pucker factors on the day Attila the Hun led us……. oh yeah , TB was the Hun.

    Next ? September …….. I do believe the Madhatters ran the most infamous 4×4 trail on earth that month…. Rookie TB so he has an excuse, but still needs a bit of Peer pressure.

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