Boards Crossing Trail Report February 12th.

Saturday February 12 was a clear cool morning. I arrived at the Wendy’s in Manteca at about 6:45am at that time there was only Cort was waiting for the run. After waiting until 7:15am we decided that there was not going to be anyone else showing up. There were five of us now. Cort, Dennis, Dennis’s friend, Dave from Livermore and Me (Double D). We started making our way up to Angles Camp where we would be meeting up with Steve (Scout). We all arrived in Arnold around 9:00am. Dave had texted his friend mike to meet us at Boards Crossing. We drove down to the river with very little snow on the road. We aired down and waited for Mike there. I checked out a trail near the river that may be a possible candidate for a trail for the club to adopt. I went up the trail around a mile and half, the trail was not very hard but was in a nice area and had lots of good camping spots along the river. When I made it back to everyone else and there was still now sign of Mike. I talk to Dave and found out that he had not heard for Mike. So we sent him up to HWY 4 to look for him. There is no phone reception at all down at the river or most of HWY 4.
Steve and I were in contact with Angles Camp repeater at all times with our Ham Radios. If only Mike and Dave had a Ham radios. After sometime had passed Dave returned with Mike. Mike had been driving up and down HWY 4 looking for us. So we finally set off to find some snow.
We didn’t really any good snow amounts until about 5000ft elevation. We were only about ¼ mile in and the snow was starting to become difficult. I got stuck and was working my way out when Mike broke a front right axle u-joint. We stopped and waited while Dave and Mike removed the axle. I talk to some people that we meet that were on Quad’s and they told me that the snow was only getting deeper and harder to travel. They recommended that we turn around and go back.
At that point that was a green light for me just to see far I could go. I traveled up the trail for some time maybe a mile in a half or so. There were a lot of soft spots I found that if I keep my speed up around 20 or it wasn’t too bad. I finally got stuck again and had to drag out the winch cable again. After dragging myself for about 30 feet I decided that I was going to need a different tree on the high side for the bank. After I freed myself I told everyone to stop and turn around. I looked for a spot to turn around and then the fun started. I was only about a half a mile beyond the rest of the Madhatter’s that half a mile took me an hour and a half to get back to the group and 7 more winching drills. Many times I was down to the last few wraps on the cable drum. Cort had walk up the trail and helped me the last few times. By the time that I reached everyone they were just finishing up turning around. We all made it out in one piece.
Too me it was just another day playing in the snow.
Until Next Time
Double D


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