Little Sluice to be filled in/altered this Friday

From Pirate4x4:

URGENT! Little Sluice to be altered this Friday.
Hey everyone, the famous Little Sluice on the Rubicon trail is set to be majorly altered this Friday. They are planning of flying in tons and tons of fill rock and cracking up to 13 boulders in this small 100′ section of the Rubicon trail.

We are trying to stop this from happening and can use all the help we can get.

Here is part one of the plan…..

Email El Dorado County and ask them to halt all alterations of the world famous little sluice.

Send El Dorado County Supervisor Jack Sweeney and his fellow Supervisors an email and CC it to the other contacts below. It is important that this be made known to as many people as possible, they need to be pressured into stopping this!

Email to:
El Dorado County Board of Supervisors


Stay tuned for step 2…..

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