Panamint Valley trip report, Part 1

Left Pleasanton late Friday, with an overnite stop at Harris Ranch for steak and beer. Hit the road mid-morning after a large accident was cleared on I-5S. Arrived at Panamint Springs Resort early evening Saturday with my Jeep, wife Lisa and three Greyhounds in tow. This was the first trip back to Panamint that my wife has come along – last time we tent camped and froze our butts off. With the RV now, she had no excuse not to come along :-). Mike Cline and his family were already in camp when we arrived. Sunday we got unpacked and headed off to meet up with a couple friends of mine (Bob & Michelle) for a leisurely run up Jail Canyon. The trail was a bit tore up from floods in Sept-Oct which made it more fun than before. Jail is mostly a destination (the Corona mine at the end). We wandered around the mine area, had lunch and headed back to PSR late afternoon for dinner and beer. And some more beer.

Monday we grabbed Mike again late morning and headed up to Defense Mine, following most of the route up Cummins Cutoff (except for the last most interesting part, which I saved for later in the week when everyone else would be around). We had all three dogs with us and they proved to be able trail dogs/Jeep potatoes.

Met up with Tom and Carmen back at PSR when we got back, in addition to Mike Navone and made plans to head up Goler Wash on Tuesday. Goler was recently graded by Inyo County so I figured it would be an easy run, especially for Mike Navone with his new full sized diesel pickup… more to come.

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  1. Air Tom says:

    Great Run Art! Carmen and I had a great time. Loved doing the new more challenging route into Defense Mine.

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