Panamint Valley trip report, Part 2 – Goler Wash

Got up Tuesday morning (Nov 20) and got ready to head up to Goler. No sign of DD, Wild Bill, Scout. Assumed they didn’t get out of Pahrump Mon nite. We set out for Goler Wash mid morning (10-ish 🙂 with the crew that was in camp – me, Lisa (and all three Greyhounds), Tom & Carmen, Mike Kline & family, and Mike Navone and ladies. Navone had his new full sized diesel and I promised him that we wouldn’t get it scratched/dinged/stuck. Was keeping my fingers crossed the trail really was clear, since turning that beastie around on Goler in some places would be ‘interesting’. We stopped at Ballarat briefly to chat with Rocky, grab a soda and then head down the 15+ miles of washboard to the start of Goler.  The trail was mostly clear, with the exception of a few spots with either encroaching brush or some ruts/washouts. Navone did great getting thru. We stopped briefly to explore the Newman Cabin on the way up the canyon to get to Barker Ranch (where Charles Manson and family were caught). We ended up parking Navone’s truck short of Barker, as the trail had a huge washout that was a bit too tight to get thru cleanly. But with a bit of squeezing in, we packed everyone up to Barker for lunch. After lunch, we made our way back down the canyon, and stopped at the Keystone Mine for a bit to explore the old buildings and foundations. Tom & Carmen’s Jack Russell – Max – decided that after growling at the Greyhounds earlier, that our female, Dee Dee, was now his new love interest. Dee wasn’t so sure about being seen with the short pudgy guy, so did her best to avoid eye contact. After Keystone, we headed out of the canyon and back out the washboard to Panamint Springs. By the time we got back, we found that our intrepid club leaders were putting a dent in the beer supplies…

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