Panamint Valley trip report, Part 3 – Thanksgiving

After getting back to PSR from Defense Mine, we heard on the radio that Scout and Bill had some rear end problems (not THAT kind of rear end problems). Another shock issue.  Scout seems to have a penchant for rear shock issues. They made it back to camp and started looking it over but then seemed distracted by beer and food for the rest of the evening 🙂

Thanksgiving Day, we had tentatively planned to run Isham Canyon. Scout and Bill were up bright and early to start working on the shock (or lack thereof). After the replacement of the fuse, his welder worked much better. Unfortunately, while dealing with the shock, the rear brake line got cut, adding to the work morning. I wasn’t there to witness it, but there were allegations of some improper hi-lift jack use and something about the whole thing shifting off the jack … allegedly mind you.

Anyway, time was fleeting and we were all looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast to come later that day, so we pushed out Isham until Friday and instead took a quick run up the Darwin tollroad towards the falls and China Springs. Fairly uneventful, other than seeing a variety of vehicles that weren’t supposed to be up there wandering offroad. Scout and Bill did go rescue another Jeep high up on the hill that flagged us down. Guess they had some dead battery as a result of leaving stuff on over nite (and camping out there alone). Navone turned back before the springs, as the road was getting kinda tore up. The rest of us made it to the springs and checked out the koi pond for a bit. On the way our, Lisa and I were flagged down by a guy in a Mustang. Yes, a Mustang. A marine in a rental with a GPS that was telling him that this offroad trail was a short-cut to Bishop. He was disappointed to find out that it wasn’t anywhere near Bishop and that he’d have to take the road back to Darwin to get on the right path. Rental cars… GPS … and not so bright drivers throwing common sense out the window. Ah well.

We got back to PSR and proceeded to go feast. Nom nom nom. Lots of great food. The rest of the afternoon was a blur.


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