Great newsletter

As most of you know, I’ve been it the club since day one. This newsletter is the best one I’ve seen. Great job to the writers. The only thing I might add is before Indy was in the club, I went all the way through the Rubicon twice with the Madhatters. The first time with a lot of carnage in a ’75 power wagon. The second time in a ’83 Ramcharger without a scratch . Again nice job.

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  1. Lowoutput says:

    Great article about the Rubicon, nice work Dave!
    I too remember running through the trail with Donald Kattenhorn
    in his full size Blazer, I was hooked at that point and always had
    some type of 4×4 since.
    I want to thank Dave for leading us on all of his adventures and
    looking forward to more with Tom.

    Long Island Ed

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