Cal 4 Wheel Convention

I would like to thank all of those Madhatters who attended the convention and helped with the raffle, the car show, the club room and the Cooking demonstration.  I thought we made a good showing at the event – we were able to collect $4700 for the association in the raffle,   we brought home two awards in the car show and the club chef had the most popular demonstration at the event – holding not one but two classes and having more than 50 people in attendance – way to go Mike C.!   The Madhatters that attended the event included:

Tom and Carmen G., Art S., Darrel L., Dennis A., John and Rene A., Scott and Jill C., Bill and Janet M., Michael and Reynosa C., David, Kathie & Danny J., Kurt and Terry H., Craig & Carol L., Kevin and Kathryn N.

Hopefully I did not forget anyone.   It was great to see such a good Madhatter turnout in support of the association.   Thanks again to all who attended and worked hard to make it a successful event.    The following are some photos from the event.





The Wild Willys and the Ugly Ambulance

Club Chef doing his Dutch Oven Cooking Demonstration

Madhatters manning the Raffle Booth

More Raffle Booth Action

And one more shot of the Raffle Booth at the Convention

The Madhatters Vehicle Line-up

Thanks to Rene for the great shots.


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