Boards Crossing Run Report

We met up at Manteca Wendy’s for a 7:00 a.m. departure.  We waited an extra 15 minutes for George before heading out.  As we left Dennis, our tail gunner, saw George pull into the lot in his rearview mirror.  George thought we were meeting at 7:30; I’m glad we all joined up for the day.  There were 5 rigs on the run:  Darrel; George and his son Dave; John and his friend Nick; Ed, Lucy, and Josh; and Dennis.

The excitement started on the highway west of Arnold.  John’s front left tire escaped and bounded down the road while doing 40 MPH.  Fortunately no one was hurt.  We gathered the tire, found 5 spare lug nuts between us, jacked up the jeep, put the wheel back on, and continued on up the highway.

Reinstalling John’s front tire

We made it to the Boards Crossing road by 10:30 or so.  The unplowed road was mostly clear with some minor snow patches all the way down to the bridge and back up past the first fork in the road.  Continuing uphill we finally found good snow, aired down, and had a blast.  At some time or other throughout the day everyone but Dennis needed a tug or to be winched.   Finding the right tire pressure took some experimenting:  15 was too high while 10-11 worked much better.

After lunch we made no further than 1000 ft up the road.  The snow was deep enough and soft enough to easily sink vehicles to diffs, axles, and anything else low.  It took us 45 minutes to recover everyone’s rig, back down to the lunch spot, and get turned around.  Dennis led the way out.  We aired up around 3:30, made it back to the highway, and everyone went their own way home.

Ed gives John a tug

George winches himself out

Stopped for lunch

Stopped for lunch #2

Is Ed extracting Darrel or is Darrel extracting Ed????

Under the hood of George’s new Jeep

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