Livermore Rodeo Parade

The Madhatters have the opportunity to once again attend the Livermore Rodeo Parade.
This is a fun event and a great reason to get your rig clean and shiny for the summer wheeling season.
The registration needs to be submitted in early May so we can discuss at the next meeting.
The parade officially starts at 10:00AM on June 11th. If we participate we will need to meet a few hours earlier to assume our parade position.

BLING is encouraged for this event. What will your BLING be?

Maybe something to match a High Performance Air Induction system?

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3 Responses to Livermore Rodeo Parade

  1. Air Tom says:

    I am all for doing thew parade. I think it is a good way to get our name out in the community and attract new members. I am already working on some new bling for my rig 🙂

  2. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    BLING clarification notice –
    BLING must be mechanically sound
    BLING must be Eco friendly
    BLING must not involve water

  3. El Presidante says:

    Should our membership vote to participate in the Parade I feel overwhelming pressure should be placed on the shoulders of Gremlin to participate and drive his el perfecto classis Willy’s.

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