Is the run on mar 9 to uncle toms cabin still on? Is it only a day run and where would we meet?

Carol and Craig

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  1. Lucky Charms says:

    Yes. It’s still on, Chris was having trouble but said he’s tryin to get acces to the blog posts. The valley folk are planning on leaving by 7 from the normal spot and meeting in Georgetown by 9pm

  2. artstine says:

    How’s the snow up that way? Any idea?

  3. Chris Gould says:

    Yes. Uncle Tom’s Cabin snow run is still on for this Saturday, March 9. It is only a day run. As Lucky Charms mentioned we will be meeting at the Manteca Wendys, and leaving by 7 AM. That should put us in Georgetown by 9-9:30 AM. We will gas up in Georgetown and meet up with the rest of the club members and guests on Main Street. I’m hoping with this weather we are supposed to be getting that there will be some fresh snow on the ground come Saturday.

  4. I{heart}OFFRD says:

    I will meet the club in Manteca for the 7:00 a.m. departure. I will be bringing guest Phil in his own rig. He was at the club meeting last week and wants to hit the snow with us.

  5. R_LIZRD says:

    Hey Craig and Carol, would you guys like to meet for breakfast before the snow run? Same place we met before Jamboree last year? And anybody else for that matter that isn’t driving up with the Manteca group.

  6. im4mudn says:

    Hi Scott
    Sure—- is 8:30am early enough to meet and have breakfast?

    Art—well hopefully this storm that is coming will give us some fresh snow to play in 🙂

  7. R_LIZRD says:

    8:30 works for us. See ya there. Should be some good snow coming. If anybody else wants to meet for breakfast let us know.

  8. im4mudn says:

    Hi Tom
    No not on main st.
    It is the buffalo hill cafe,,, 6037 front st, it is about 1 mile north of main st
    in a shopping center.

    See ya,
    Carol and Craig

  9. R_LIZRD says:

    Hey Tom, Jill and I can meet you at the Mini mart gas station in Cool at 8am if you want to join us and not have to worry about where the Cafe is. Just let me know, they serve a great breakfast.

  10. Lucky Charms says:

    FYI Jaymes will be making this trip again. He did boards crossing last year with us. He has the red ’13 jk. Also another buddy of ours, Nate, will be joining. He was working on our last meeting but is interested. Nate has a 90’s xj, he’s a great guy and have no doubt will get along with the club.

  11. artstine says:

    Hope the snow is decent this weekend. I won’t be making it – been down with bronchitis all week 🙁

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