Cherry Lake Snow Run Report!

The run started out with 5 member rigs and 3 guest rigs. After airing down the tires, we were on the snow for about 5 minutes befor running into our first obstical. We had to clear 2 trees that had fallen accross the road. Last weekend for the pre-run we did not have a chainsaw, but this weekend we had three. It made clearing the trees a lot easier. The snow was very wet and heavy. We were able to make it to about 1 1/2 miles from the point we had to turn around the previous weekend. We only had to strap a couple of rigs to get them moving again during the day. The weather was a mix of snow and rain during the day. The group was passed by about 8 snowmobiles near our turn around point, and they came back by us while we were eating lunch. On our way out we stopped and talked to the snowmobilers. They said the snow was so heavy after they passed us, that they only made it another 2 miles. That’s pretty bad when snowmobiles are having problems. All in all, I would have to say that the run went very well. Our guest appeared to have a good time, and I know I did. You can see the video of the run on the main page of the web site, or click on the link below to see it.

We can thank our President, Wild Bill, for the video.

See ya on the next run!!

Scout (Steve P.)

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6 Responses to Cherry Lake Snow Run Report!

  1. El Presidante says:

    Good report Mr. Supreme Master Trail Boss and it sounds like everyone had a good time. I really like the movie Mr. President presented and I realize there is no limit to his talent’s. I learned this morning that this years Sierra Snow pack is 740 inches, that’s 66 feet …. looks like we will be in for an interesting year of wheeling.

  2. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    Even though mother nature had her panties in a bunch we still had a fun time. It takes a lot more than throwing a tantrum with fallen trees and rain to deter Madhatters from enjoying a snow run.

    It was good seeing guests Chris, Elizabeth, Gary and Dustin on the run. Watching everyone work together to clear the trees was a beautiful thing!

    Only time will tell if our next run will be the last snow run of spring. I have my doubts. Either way, I’m ready for a campfire with an adult beverage, good company and some tall tales.

  3. El Presidante says:

    So……………… I haven’t seen our MADHATTER TRAIL HAT since Gold Lake. Anybody know who has it ?

  4. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    I think it is now in the hands of the “Mega Supreme Trail Boss Extreme”.

  5. Scout says:

    Are you talking about the Cat In The Hat type hat? I do not have It.

  6. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    Dang cat!

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