Notes from Craig

Sorry guys, I was on Tom’ s left and he raised his right hand. Hey this is a great easy high profile project for us to do. I hope you guys support the Pres. On this.
 Art as my Asst. T.B. On the Rubicon, could you find out at the meeting if the majority is okay with leaving Fri. Morning as usual . Do they want to start at Wentworth, Airport Flats or I can look into renting the chalet @ Loon Lake. It rents for around $100 and sleeps around 20 people?
 T.B. Dale, why don’t you see if anyone is interested in an UTV run on Friday. We could take them up to the top of the mountain by the gold mine to see the view and Explore the canyons at Rye Patch.
  Thanks Craig

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  1. artstine says:

    Hey Craig – I will check with folks as far as the starting time and the plans around where to start the run. We’ll need to also think about whether we can dovetail in the trip with work on the outhouse that we are volunteering to build at the top of Cadillac and how to get materials up there, etc. According to the calendar, the Rubicon trip was Thurs-Sun – so just need to clarify whether we would start Thur morning vs. Friday. Having the extra day would certainly allow the time to do the work on the outhouse, but I dunno whether everyone can do the 4 day trip?

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