Uncle Tom’s Cabin Snow Run Trail Report

The day started off in Manteca. The weather was nice and clear. A little warm for perfect snow wheeling, but it looked like it was going to be a great day anywase.  Members: Darrel, Dustin, Gregg, and my self, along with Guests: Phil in his “LJ”, James in his “JK”, Jarrod in is “78 Bronco”, and Brett in his “92 Dodge” pulled out of the Wendy’s parking lot around 7 AM and headed for Georgetown. The drive up went well and was pretty uneventful. The “Manteca group” pulled into Georgetown around 9:15 AM. Almost every one needed to top off on fuel for the rest of the adventure. Once every one was done refueling we met up with more Madhatters and folks from Foresthill. I quickly took a look around and counted 18 rigs. With this being only my second time as trail boss I have to say I was a little nervous at first when I realized the group was so large. With Pres. Tom’s slight impatience and concern of upsetting some of the locals with the crowd of vehicle’s and people we had, my nervousness had turned into excitement as I gathered every one and we made our way up Wentworth Springs Rd. towards Stumpy Meadow Reservoir. My plan was to pull into the parking lot/ boat launch at Stumpy Meadow to air down and call a drivers meeting. As always Mother Nature has the upper hand and we went from cruising around 40-45mph on nice dry pavement to hard packed snow with 6″ deep tire ruts just a couple miles before the parking lot at Stumpy Meadow. Knowing that Dave  was towing a trailer, I quickly looked for a place for him to unload his Toyota. Luckily for us there just happened to be a turn out at the start of the snow just barley large enough for our group to pull over and double park in. I decided that we should air down there while we waited for Dave to unload. Once every one was aired down and Dave was ready we continued on our way to Stumpy Meadow Reservoir. Once we made it to the parking lot i had every one pull in so we could have a drivers meeting. I then took a head count and along with the “Manteca” group we had Members: Craig Carol and Stephanie L., Pres. Tom and Carmen G., Dennis and Carol A., John and Renee, Dave and Kathie J., Scott  and Jill C.,  and Dillon C. Guests: Craig (Foresthill) in his TJ, Nick in his GMC S-15, and Gregg in his Chevy K-10. From Stumpy Meadow to the turn off for Uncle Tom’s Cabin we had patches of pavement from time to time. When we got to the turn off for uncle Tom’s Cabin I noticed that there was fresh snow on top of the old tire tracks. I thought to my self this is great we get to break trail through the fresh snow that had accumulated earlier in the week. it wasn’t too much longer after that that i herd over the radio “we have our first stuck”. Turns out one of my guests “Jarrod” in his full size bronco slid off the road and into the ditch. Dillon C. gave him a few tugs on the strap and Jarrod aka”Hammer Down” gave positive encouragement via the “skinny pedal” to his bronco to get out of the ditch. Must be a Bronco thing! When in doubt throttle out! Once Jarrod was back on the trail I got the group moving again. A couple of minutes later Dustin came over the radio and said that Jarrod was hearing noises coming from the front end but that he was going to continue on. 10 min. passes and again Dustin on the radio, “the Bronco is stuck again”. This time I turned around and headed back down to over see the extraction. This time the noise that he had been hearing became apparent in the form of a broken hub. Since he runs an open differential in the front axle this handicapped him with only having rear wheel drive. He decided to turn around and head back down towards Georgetown. After that excitement things were going pretty smooth for a while until I herd over the radio “the flat bed is stuck”. Since this was my brother’s first time doing any real snow wheeling and because his truck is a lot heavier than any of the other rigs in the group i decided to turn around and head back to the scene of the stuck. We were able to get him extracted with the help of Dustin’s guest James and his JK. In the mean time the Foresthill clan, Craig, and Tom must have gotten bored waiting for the rest of the group to return and decided to proceed forward continuing to break trail. Once again I got the group moving again and this time things were going pretty good until we crested the summit. Pres. Tom radioed back and suggested that the group not continue to follow them because the snow had gotten too deep and they were all getting stuck. At this point it was a little after noon so I decided to call lunch break. While we were eating lunch Tom,Craig, and the Foresthill guy’s were able to get back with the rest of us. Once every one was done with lunch we started making our way back towards Georgetown with intentions on stopping at Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the way down the hill. From Uncle Tom’s Cabin we headed back to Stumpy Meadow’s Reservoir to air up and part ways from there. All in all I think the run went pretty well. Thanks again for every one’s cooperation. I hope that every one who attended had a good time.





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