April Snow Run

We have looked into headed up hwy 4 on Saturday morning but we found out that the forest roads are closed in that area until April 15.

Some other options.

Morman Immigrant gap not sure if there is any snow and the gate we be closed at the half way pointfor the snow park.

Yuba Gap may have snow but it is a very long drive for one day.

I am up to other ideas. Contact me if you have a good idea. It rained last week up to 7000 feet and the storm today is no better.
Not sure if we can find any snow! This has been a bad year for snow.

I need to now if we still want to try for a run this weekend!

Double D

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2 Responses to April Snow Run

  1. I{heart}OFFRD says:

    While I love a good snow run, I’d prefer not having to run all over the state to hunt for a road with it. If the Hwy 4 roads will open on April 15 (Black Springs, Corral Hollow), can we delay this trip until after they open and go then? That would mean a run on Apr 20 instead.

  2. DoubleD says:

    I think that canceling the run or postponing it is the best option at this time. I will not be able to lead the run on either date because of work and my son is going to be out from Texas..

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