Memorial Day Work Weekend

Madhatter’s 4×4 Adopt-A-Trail workday
Date: Saturday, 05-25-13 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Mission: Assist the Four Dice 4×4 club with a short trail reroute at the 5-6 mile mark on the Fordyce Jeep trail. (3-4 hours of work)
Needed Equipment: Personal safety equipment to include gloves and boots. Shovels and pry bars.

This is the Memorial Day weekend holiday. There will be a lot of people on the trail during this holiday weekend and camping on the trail will be limited. Due to several members wanting to come up on Friday and several wanting to come up on Saturday morning, the decision to camp at the Indian Springs Campground has been made so we can all camp together and have a general meeting area. This will allow any member that would like to bring their campers or trailers for camping to bring them. This is a nice campground and should be plenty of room for everybody. Please contact for campground reservations or call 1-888-444-6777. Request the upper campground for a campsite. As of writing this, there are currently 14 campsites available. There are also first come first serve camps. Make your reservations ASAP. I have made reservations for campsite #23 (upper) for myself for Friday and Saturday night.

We will be leaving the Indian Springs Campground at 6:00am on Saturday May, 25th to meet up with the work party around the 5-6 mile mark on the Fordyce trail. The work party begins at 9am. Bring food and drinks for the day. We will not be joining the Friends of Fordyce (FOF) group after the workday as it is unclear if there would be enough camping available for our large group near winch hill #1 where they are going to have their barbeque Saturday night. I have made reservations for campsite #23 for myself for Friday and Saturday night

If someone would like to head up a barbeque/potluck for Saturday night, that would be great. I’m expecting to be back at camp before 6pm. We considered camping at the Cisco Grove campground, however they required a 3 day minimum for a reservation. Just information.
Contact Scott at 530-367-4235 if you have any questions.

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4 Responses to Memorial Day Work Weekend

  1. artstine says:

    I’ve not been to Fordyce yet – where is the 5-6 mile mark relative to the winch hills/water crossings?

  2. R_LIZRD says:

    Art, it’s about 1 mile past the first river crossing. Unfortunately, its before Winch Hill #1.

  3. artstine says:

    I booked site #27 for Fri/Sat

  4. Lucky Charms says:

    Sorry, I won’t be able to make the trip. My work schedule was already out before we all new the dates of the work day. Plus I’ve heard my jeep wouldn’t be able to handle fordyce. Anyone know if they were right? 4cly, 32″ 2″ lift, locked front.

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