Fordyce Trail Work Party 5/25/13

Madhatter Work Party Weekend 05/25/13

Trail Boss: Scott Caster
Master Head Chefs: Dave Langdon and Mike Navone
Fireball Girls: Jill Caster, Terry Huebner, Renee Allen, and Kurt Huebner (Sorry Kurt)
Master Fire Pit Tender: Emma
Worker Bees: Scott Caster, Tom Gunther, Kurt Huebner, John Allen, Greg Price, Phil Phillips, Larry Holloway and Carmen.
Guests: Larry Holloway, Phil Phillips

We departed (Indian Springs) camp at 7:00am with the goal of meeting the Fordice 4×4 Club at the 5-6 mile part of the Fordyce trail to work on a reroute of the log ramp/mud hole at 9:00am. We arrived at our destination at 9:00am. We arrived at the same time the Fordice 4×4 and Friends of the Fordyce group arrived. A Quick Work party briefing took place and the work began. We Worked for about 3 hours and all was completed to the satisfaction of Ranger, Carlos Gonzales. During the work, several vehicles had come by and were able to pass without delay. Our group worked hard, completing the work much faster than anticipated. This allowed for all to enjoy the weekend without much interruption from the work.

We left the work party and headed back to our camp. We stopped at the first water crossing and had lunch and then headed up that nasty rock pile (sluice) on the other side of the water crossing. At the top of the Sluice we came across a couple of stopped rigs for a broke buddy. We lent a roll of welding wire and off we went headed back to camp. We arrived back at camp around 3:00 pm. At camp, El Presidente (Dave Langdon) and (Wino) Mike Navone had already fired up the 55 gallon barbeque drum and it was smoking a scent of hickory.

We had a wonderful dinner of Tri-tip and numerous side dishes to go with it. Guest Phil, made an awesome peach cobbler for an after dinner delight. Thanks Phil.

Emma kept the fire hot and the Fireball girls kicked butt helping with food and drinks.

All and all, I believe we made a good impression on the other clubs, who gave us a big “Thank You”. This was a difficult weekend to pull off a work party, however those that attended made it look flawless.

I would like to comment on our two guests that attended. First, both Larry and Phil worked their butts off during the work party, and Phil made a mean Peach Cobbler in the Dutch oven. The both of them have trial experience and common sense while on the trail. Both would also be great additions to the club. Just my opinion.

Thanks to all involved for your support, you won’t know what it’s like to lose a trial (closed) until your very own trial is closed.
Scott Caster (R_Lizrd)

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  1. El Presidante says:

    And a personal THANK YOU to Scott for all the time and effort I know he has put into orgainizing and leading, not only this recent work party, but for all of his effort in obtaining our adopt a-trail. I’m looking forward to camping and working at the top of the trail.

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