Rubicon Trip

Ok, Craig and I are looking to get a final headcount and plan together for the Rubicon trip next week.

At the meeting Tuesday nite, I got the following list of folks going:

  1. Tom Gunther (& Carmen ?)
  2. John & Renee Allan + John’s Dad
  3. John & Renee guest 1
  4. John & Renee guest 2
  5. Greg Johnson
  6.  Michael Cline
  7. Greg & Sheri Price
  8. Will Price
  9. Larry Holloway & wife
  10. Dennis Atkinson
  11. Gary Deis  (friend of Dennis’)
  12. Matt Imwalle
  13. Craig, Carol, Stephanie Lemon
  14. Art Stine
  15. Clark Schiller (Art’s friend)
  16. Aaron & Derek Bortolazzo (Art’s friends)

Anyone else planning on making the trip, please let us know by mid-day Thurs June 6.

We have a reservation for the Chalet at Loon Lake for Thurs June 6 so folks can camp out Thurs nite for an early start Friday (more info on the Chalet, including GPS coordinates/directions are here: Its about 3/4 mile past the turnoff for the Loon Lake campground (there will be a slight uphill driveway on your left past the power lines/equipment close to the lake). Park by the Chalet (except for tow rigs, which need to park in the gravel parking area to the right of the Chalet).

Parking tow rigs:

If you are towing your rig, you can park it in the large parking lot next to the Chalet or if you are more trusting, down by the spillway at Loon. I’ve parked both places with no issues, but I do know some folks have had issues parking down at the spillway (vandalism). I believe you can still pay to park further down from Loon Lake at Ice House Resort/store or Robbs (if they are still around). Alternatively, you can park your tow rig at the Tahoe side at the end of the trail (which makes it kinda convenient to just load up and head home when we finish Sunday rather than driving back to Loon).

Depending on interest, I would like to see if anyone is up for driving back to Loon from Rubicon Spings on Sunday vs. going up Cadillac and out thru Tahoe. Its a fun challenge going back uphill.

Craig will be getting the key for the Chalet mid-day on Thurs June 6, so he figures to be to the Chalet around 2pm. We’d like to get an idea of who will be making it up for Thurs nite so we can plan accordingly for departure time on Friday morning. The current plan seems to be to head straight to Rubicon Springs on Friday starting at the Loon Lake/Granite Bowl entrance to the trail, so we can camp for 2 days there instead of getting only into Buck Island the first day. This will be very doable assuming we leave Friday at a reasonable time (9am?).  If some folks aren’t going to make it up Thursday nite, please plan to meet the group at the Loon Lake spillway kiosk by 9am Friday morning.


Please, please, please check and double-check stuff on your rig before getting on the trail. Particularly if you have something leaking. Fix it/plug it up. And brings spares of things you think you might need. Good maintenance and having spares will make  for a much

better trip – with luck, less stuff for Sparky to weld 🙂

A couple other notes for the upcoming trip for anyone who might not have been on the Rubicon previously:

– ** Need to know where the club First Aid kit is and make sure it comes along with us **

– Rubicon Springs is private property – they charge a $10 fee per rig per nite to camp. Make sure to bring cash as they don’t take American Express.

– The weather looks like it will be clear, but rather toasty this weekend. No rain in the forecast, but assume that t-storms can pop up randomly. Bring appropriate gear and lots of sunscreen.
Also – given the heat, please double check your cooling systems and make sure you can sustain a long slow crawl in 90+ degrees. I just replaced my coolant, flushed the radiator and replaced both hoses this weekend. Don’t want any boil overs.

– The mosquitos at the Springs this time of year can be rather thick and large – they could be mistaken for small birds. Bring bug juice and small gauge shotguns with bird shot 🙂

-Bring firewood if possible – the area around the springs is usually fairly picked clean of downed wood. Everyone going should download/print & sign the 2013 campfire permit:

– Outhouses are generally usable at Loon, Ellis, Little Sluice, Buck and the Springs. No guarantee there is TP – BYOTP. Not a bad idea to bring wag bags / portable toilet just in case.

– Bears – there are sometimes bear issues at the Springs.  Plan accordingly to secure your food.

If you are expecting to make the trip but don’t think you be there thursday nite at the Chalet, please let Craig or me know before mid-day thurday so we know who is coming up and when on Friday: Craig (530) 626-1982/

Any questions, please let us know.

Craig and Art

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  1. datkinson says:

    My friend Gary and I plan to be there Thursday night.

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