PSC Steering Upgrade

Hello All-
So, I’m looking for a little input from anyone in the club that might have knowledge or experience on PSC’s steering upgrade for Jeep Tj/Lj or at least some fabrication/wrenching experience.

I recently bought new power steering pump, gear, remote reservoir, and cooler from PSC Motorsports and had the parts installed by a reputable jeep mechanic. The install went great and the steering is greatly improved. However, I’m looking to dial in the set up just a bit more.

PSC recommends mounting the remote reservoir no further than 16″ away from the pump but says the closer the better. Engine bay mounting space on Tj’s is a bit limited as you probably all know so PSC provided a bracket for mounting the remote reservoir utilizing the brake master cylinder for a mount location. Measured out the reservoir is just about 16″ away from the pump when mounted at this location. I called PSC (on a couple of occasions) and most of the techs there say the same thing…that the bracket they provided is an engineers bright idea, but getting the reservoir closer to the pump provides better performance and system life for the pump. I guess the general idea is that the pump is a “pump”, not a sucker, and that the closer the reservoir is the less work the pump has to do and the less likely they’ll be issues with cavitation or other issues on steep climb where the level of the pump might become much higher than the level of the reservoir.

So, have any other Madhatters installed these PSC steering components on their jeeps or have any other experience or knowledge that they might be able to add? I’ve searched the internet jeep forums and have found some pictures and slight info on alternative mounting locations, but haven’t found anything substantial that I’m yet willing to try.

Some of the techs at PSC mention moving the radiator overflow bottle, or welding/mounting to the jeeps grill brace bracket but weren’t able to officially suggest an alternative solution. Though one of the race techs at PSC was quite open about badmouthing the engineers “stupid” mounting bracket part.

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. Chris Gould says:

    I have recently done some reserch on steering upgrades for my 04 LJ. I have personaly used PSC products in the past on another vehicle that I owned. I was verry pleased with the quality of their products. When I was on PSC’s web site I noticed that they offer another style reservoir bracket, wich mounts the reservoir much closer to the pump. It utilizes two of the actual mounting bolts of the pump and from looking at photos should allow for about 3-4″ of hose length instead of the 16″ your current bracket requires. The bracket is not cheap. I think they want $100 for it. But it should allow for a cleaner install and better performance of your new steering system. If you check out their web site the SKU# is HOW-1007-T. The bracket is manufactured by Howe Performance Power Steering, wich is actualy a major competitor to PSC. Most power steering pumps are basicly gravity fed by the reservoir. Thats why it’s best to have the fluid reservoir as close to the pump as possible. Most OEM style pumps actualy have the reservoir mounted directly to the pump. I hope this helps!

  2. BigMatt says:

    Hey Chris, thanks for your reply!! Yes, I understand gravity is the way in which that pump is fed fluid. I’m posting exactly for the reason you said and have been looking everywhere for some type of improvement for mounting that remote reservoir. I wasn’t aware of the other mount bracket you had mentioned. After seeing your reply I took a look on their site, saw the mentioned alternate bracket, then gave PSC a call to ask about it.

    Lance, one of the lead techs at PSC and the guy that sort of poo- poo’d the bracket I have now said that the alternate bracket you mentioned wasnt meant to be used for the reservoir I have and wouldn’t work. Go figure?! He did vaguely mention other alternative mounting places but said I would have to fab a bracket myself. Which really isn’t a big deal, but was hoping someone else might have already done the thinking/homer work for me and I could go off their design.

    Looks like I’ll have to figure something out myself or try the pirate 4×4 forum again.
    Being part of a club I figured I’d try the knowledge base of the other club members first. One of the reasons I joined a club was for the reason of sharing info/knowledge. Not just the trail runs alone.

    Thanks again for participating and making time to share your info. You rock!! Get it, you rock??!!


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