Swamp/Shaver Lake Run Information

Directions to get to Trail Head

2.               Take Rte 99 South to Madera

3. Take CA-145 Exit in Madera 15.7 mi
4. CA-145 becomes Road 145.

3.3 mi
5. Turn right onto Road 206.

2.1 mi
6. Road 206 becomes Northfork Rd.

0.1 mi
7. Turn left onto N Friant Rd.

  • Pizza Factory is on the corner
  • If you are on Parkcliffe and reach Sunnyhillyou’ve gone about 0.1 miles too far
0.1 mi
8. N Friant Rd becomes Millerton Rd.

5.6 mi
9. Turn left onto Auberry Rd.

  • Sheri’s Roadhouse is on the left
10.4 mi
10. Stay straight to go onto Lodge Rd/CA-168.

1.6 mi
– Caution long steep grade! 
– Turn Left to stay on Highway 168 (4.4 Miles) 
– Turn right at Dinkey Creek Rd (11.8 Miles) 
– Turn right at McKinley Grove Rd (0.4 Miles) 
– Leave any tow rigs at the camp 
– Take the camp road North 
– Take a right at each of the first two forest service gates 
– Take a left at the third gate, this is the trail head



Here is a link to a map and a description of the trail:


The plan is to camp at Grouse Lake.   Camping is very limited here so if we cannot find enough room for everyone we may have to go on into Swamp Lake and camp.

Double D is planning on driving down Thursday morning,   I cannot get off work Thursday so I will not be able to leave until Friday morning and there is a possibility that I will not make it at all.   It would be best to have a buddy with you when you go into the trail.   The trail is fairly difficult but should be passable for everyone as long as you have a spotter.  Everyone should post here when you plan on going to the run so people can team up and caravan down together.  There is good fishing at the lake and a mine to explore.      The plan is to do the full trail on Saturday.   For those that get down there early you can check out any of the several trails in the area.


Air Tom



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12 Responses to Swamp/Shaver Lake Run Information

  1. Lucky Charms says:

    I am planning on going Friday morning. Would be great if anyone wants to meet up in the morning since I haven’t been to this trail before. If it comes down to it I am available to go Thursday as well

  2. ratherbcrawln says:

    I am planning on being there for sure.Not certain if I will come up Wednesday night late or Thursday night late.My work Strike screwed up my vacation plans!Either way i will be leaving from Hayward towing my Jeep.At this point new member Greg J is planning on going as well he will drive up late Thursday.Both Greg an I will be Towing.I will update on Monday an let everyone know when exactly I will be leaving. Sparky

  3. BigMatt says:

    As of writing this my hope is still to make this run. My company has a job deadline we have to meet and the customer will be coming Monday to look over our progress. I’ll know more Monday night or Tuesday morning on whether I’ll be able to make it. I’m hoping on leaving Thursday morning at caravanning with DD… or anyone else. I will be driving my jeep down.
    First time hitting this trail so I’d rather follow someone down from the Hayward/Livermore area. I’d say Im still a novice off-roader so definitely don’t want to be hitting the trail alone.

  4. datkinson says:

    I’m currently planning on going down on Thursday with DD. I told George I’d get in contact with whomever is going on Thurs and give him a call as to where to meet. DD?
    And from the Sequoia NF site, I think we won’t even be allowed to use gas stoves! Anybody know for sure?

  5. datkinson says:

    OK, I had the wrong NF. Swamp Lake trail is in SIERRA NF, and they don’t seem to have any fire restrictions yet!

  6. ratherbcrawln says:

    I can come up wednesday after work but i cannot find a decent place to store mine an Gregs tow.

  7. datkinson says:

    When I was there a couple of years ago, there were tow rigs parked everywhere along the road, off 40 or 50 feet. Can’t say nobody ever has any problems, but they were there.

  8. ratherbcrawln says:

    Ok I found a spot for our tow rigs.I will be up there wednesday night late an can meet up with whom ever i will be monitoring the clubs Ham freq.

  9. artstine says:

    I’m 50/50 at best right now to make it – depends on how work goes the next few days to determine whether I can get Friday off. If I can, John – where did y’all find to park your tow rigs?

  10. BigMatt says:

    Reevaluation, maybe there is a slight chance I’ll make it up Friday with either Art or Tom. Will you guys keep me posted on your plans of escaping last minute on Friday possibly?

    I’ll see what I can accomplish in the next couple of days at work. Slim but possible chance I’ll be able to swing it. Not willing to shut the door on it quite yet.

  11. artstine says:

    I’m not going to make it this weekend. Got more work dumped on me this afternoon for this week, so there is zero chance for me to get Friday off now :-(. Have a good time all and get plenty of pictures.

  12. Air Tom says:

    I am in the same boat. My week has gotten steadily worse as it has gone on. I just cannot get off Friday so will not be able to make the run. Have a great time and be safe.

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