Club Picnic/Work Party (Sept 13th-15th)

WH5 work   Due to the Deer Valley trail being closed, the club voted at the last meeting to change the location and date of the Club Picnic to Meadow Lake. This will allow us to have our 2nd work day on the Fordyce Trail. The workday will be on Saturday the 14th. I will be meeting with the Friends of Fordyce (FOF) group during Sierra Trek to find out what work is needed on the trail. As a reminder, we are responsible for everything on the trail from Winch hill 4 to Meadow Lake. I don’t anticipate much trail work needing to be done, but we’ll see what FOF is suggesting for us to do. I will update as the information becomes available about the work needing to be done. I will not be coordinating food or a trail run as other members have signed up for those responsibilities.  See new attachment (WH5 work) added to post on 08-19-13.
Scott Caster

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